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lost doc


So I've noticed very thematic tendency of reoccurance in my life.  Especially in regards to exams. I once again need to study for an exam tomorrow.  I am once again procrastinating.   I also once again just found out I need a 56% on a final to get the B I need for the class to transfer to my Uni.  Exactly like the other final I posted about.  It's also a class for the same teacher.  *boggles* ok weird.  Though the exam tomorrow isn't the one I need a 56% on, I took that this morning and think I did fine.  I'm quite happy about it at the moment.

One down, one to go.  T-minus 5 days.  I like to borrow trouble as they say and have moved on to fretting about packing everything -_-;

I went to the sauna tonight and it was niiiiiiiiice.  There are very few opportunities to feel hot here (in the thermal sense anyways).