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lost doc

I'm in Finland not dead...I swear

So I'm currently avoiding studying for an exam and this is my favorite past time it seems. That, or I'm just desperate. I'm not looking forward to this exam because it requires A LOT of memorization and my brain is full. It's also worth 80% of my grade :( Though with the extra credit and stuff I think I only need to get a 56% on the exam to get a B in the course and have it transfer to my Uni so I suppose it's doable. Still....not happy about it.

Speaking of my school, the dean is being wierd and giving shit on credit abouts based on class time. This is silly since Finland's system is not nearly as class heavy as the US and credit amount is based on work, not the amount of class hours....Oh well, the grad school is on my side which is nice. Hopefully it will work out.

Tomorrow is the Arena career fair. Here's hoping I can perhaps get a lead on a job. I won't hold my breath, but it would be nice. I just signed up for all the consulting company presentations. I suppose I should head out and buy some resume paper and print out my resume. I hope it stopped raining...it was nasty today!

Okay, going to go try and be productive. Hopefully this weekend I will type up what happened on my trip to Russia.


Just stopping in to tell you how jealous I am of you! Have I told you that lately? ;)

Good luck on the exam!


Haha Thanks! I'm actually sorta jealous of myself for getting to go to Russia :D...it was amazing! I've been reading your updates and I can't believe how big Elena is getting! It's crazy!

Re: :)

You should be! :)

Aww, thanks!