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lost doc

Settling in....and going broke.

So today started out a bit late for me and I went to return the crappy hair dryer that lasted all of a minute before blowing out. They would only give store credit so I ended up with a vitamin hair spray and a new brush...I lost 50 cents in the deal, but anything else would require me to spend more money since it was so expensive a store and I'd be damned before I gave them another cent.

I then headed to the immigration office (ended up riding the metro illegally which is actually quite easy to do...even by accident). I am now a proud owner of a Finnish Residence Permit. I then high tailed it outta there as it was raining and I wanted to get back to my area.

Why is it that when you go looking to buy something specific you always end up buying everything else BUT what you went for? Does this happen to anyone else or just me. I told myself to just pick up an umbrella and go on my way. I ended up going to the supermarket (at first to just check it out), but then it occured to me that I did need more food and this market was bigger. I ended up spending 28 euro. I didn't buy a lot, but shit are groceries EXPENSIVE here. I suppose it doesn't help that Finland has a 22 percent vat and it applies to FOOD! It's crazy. I do think I have enough to eat in for the rest of the week though...barely. I realized today I've already spent over 60 euros in like 2 days so that has to stop. Once school starts I'll probably eat at the student cafs since I think you can get a meal for like 2-2.5 euro. Man I need to hit a gym soon!

Not sure what the rest of the week will hold. Most likely some laundry, searching for a cell phone, and watching a lot of movies/tv online. Is it sad that I can't wait for school to start? I'm hoping my tutor can show me the cheapest places to go get things. I've been pretty lucky in that I don't need to buy any bedding or dishes excpet perhaps a spoon, fork and frying pan.

I'm going to have to keep a tight rein on my budget here...either way I have a feeling I'll be broke by the time I get back to the US. All well, I suppose I should make the best of it. I suppose it was a good thing that Rwanda wasn't cheap in a way. This way it's not as big of a shock as it would have been. I actually miss French prices...which is sad, really.

update: I'm back dating this entry. Later this day, I went down to the tennant building party for about 4 hours. I met some very interesting people and chatted; including my first American here. He mentioned there are a lot of Americans here, but I seem to be the only American exchange student I think.....which is a bit weird actually. We Americans are usually all over the place, like overzelous fruit flies. It's not a bad thing...just different.