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May. 26th, 2009

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You must go here NOW!


I'm particularly obsessed with the miserable rich at the moment....sadly something I am not.  Rich that is.

May. 10th, 2009

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The new Star Trek movie is fantastic. It is therefore logical you all go watch it. That is all.

Live long and prosper.

Dec. 23rd, 2008

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From the Helsinki Airport.  One hour till I"m headed to Germany.  About 14 until I'm in DC :/.  I love free WIFI though :).  Happy Holidays to Everyone! 

Dec. 16th, 2008

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So I've noticed very thematic tendency of reoccurance in my life.  Especially in regards to exams. I once again need to study for an exam tomorrow.  I am once again procrastinating.   I also once again just found out I need a 56% on a final to get the B I need for the class to transfer to my Uni.  Exactly like the other final I posted about.  It's also a class for the same teacher.  *boggles* ok weird.  Though the exam tomorrow isn't the one I need a 56% on, I took that this morning and think I did fine.  I'm quite happy about it at the moment.

One down, one to go.  T-minus 5 days.  I like to borrow trouble as they say and have moved on to fretting about packing everything -_-;

I went to the sauna tonight and it was niiiiiiiiice.  There are very few opportunities to feel hot here (in the thermal sense anyways).

Dec. 11th, 2008

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Dec. 10th, 2008

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So, today was my last day of classes.  It feels really nice to be done with the cases and homework and presentations and stuff.  Now I just have 2 exams next week and then a few days to putz around Helsinki and then it's time to head back to the US.

I can't believe it's pretty much over.  I'm 8 days shy of 1 year outside the US.  It's been quite a ride.  It's had it's up and downs like all of life and I think it's made me stronger and taught me a lot about life, myself, and what I want and need.

One semester left.  No idea what I want to do, much less any job prospects....*Sigh*...I might be more lost than before in that respect.  I'm sure I'll figure something out though.

Grade wise I think I'm okay.  I've gotten high enough grades that my first half semester classes will transfer.  As long as I get a B in one of the two I'm in now I can keep a 4 class schedule and be fine. otherwise I'll have to take 5 classes, but that's still doable.  I'm pretty confident I'll get a B in at least one and I think both, but either way I'm ok to graduate so far.  

I think I have a pretty promising apt lead so that's good.  I should decide by tomorrow.  I might have to agree sans pictures, but since I'm getting it from and IMBAer that is going overseas for spring and before that it was another IMBAer's I think, it should be okay.  Most importantly, it's affordable so that's good.  That was the one thing left that was a bit stressing.

Less than 150 days until I graduate.  Where does the time go?
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snipity snipityCollapse )   Over half...not bad I guess, though I feel like I had the more unusual ones...and there are some I might have done but don't remember.

Nov. 11th, 2008

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I'm in Finland not dead...I swear

So I'm currently avoiding studying for an exam and this is my favorite past time it seems. That, or I'm just desperate. I'm not looking forward to this exam because it requires A LOT of memorization and my brain is full. It's also worth 80% of my grade :( Though with the extra credit and stuff I think I only need to get a 56% on the exam to get a B in the course and have it transfer to my Uni so I suppose it's doable. Still....not happy about it.

Speaking of my school, the dean is being wierd and giving shit on credit abouts based on class time. This is silly since Finland's system is not nearly as class heavy as the US and credit amount is based on work, not the amount of class hours....Oh well, the grad school is on my side which is nice. Hopefully it will work out.

Tomorrow is the Arena career fair. Here's hoping I can perhaps get a lead on a job. I won't hold my breath, but it would be nice. I just signed up for all the consulting company presentations. I suppose I should head out and buy some resume paper and print out my resume. I hope it stopped raining...it was nasty today!

Okay, going to go try and be productive. Hopefully this weekend I will type up what happened on my trip to Russia.

Aug. 29th, 2008

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Settling in....and going broke.

So today started out a bit late for me and I went to return the crappy hair dryer that lasted all of a minute before blowing out. They would only give store credit so I ended up with a vitamin hair spray and a new brush...I lost 50 cents in the deal, but anything else would require me to spend more money since it was so expensive a store and I'd be damned before I gave them another cent.

I then headed to the immigration office (ended up riding the metro illegally which is actually quite easy to do...even by accident). I am now a proud owner of a Finnish Residence Permit. I then high tailed it outta there as it was raining and I wanted to get back to my area.

Why is it that when you go looking to buy something specific you always end up buying everything else BUT what you went for? Does this happen to anyone else or just me. I told myself to just pick up an umbrella and go on my way. I ended up going to the supermarket (at first to just check it out), but then it occured to me that I did need more food and this market was bigger. I ended up spending 28 euro. I didn't buy a lot, but shit are groceries EXPENSIVE here. I suppose it doesn't help that Finland has a 22 percent vat and it applies to FOOD! It's crazy. I do think I have enough to eat in for the rest of the week though...barely. I realized today I've already spent over 60 euros in like 2 days so that has to stop. Once school starts I'll probably eat at the student cafs since I think you can get a meal for like 2-2.5 euro. Man I need to hit a gym soon!

Not sure what the rest of the week will hold. Most likely some laundry, searching for a cell phone, and watching a lot of movies/tv online. Is it sad that I can't wait for school to start? I'm hoping my tutor can show me the cheapest places to go get things. I've been pretty lucky in that I don't need to buy any bedding or dishes excpet perhaps a spoon, fork and frying pan.

I'm going to have to keep a tight rein on my budget here...either way I have a feeling I'll be broke by the time I get back to the US. All well, I suppose I should make the best of it. I suppose it was a good thing that Rwanda wasn't cheap in a way. This way it's not as big of a shock as it would have been. I actually miss French prices...which is sad, really.

update: I'm back dating this entry. Later this day, I went down to the tennant building party for about 4 hours. I met some very interesting people and chatted; including my first American here. He mentioned there are a lot of Americans here, but I seem to be the only American exchange student I think.....which is a bit weird actually. We Americans are usually all over the place, like overzelous fruit flies. It's not a bad thing...just different.

Aug. 28th, 2008

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Of Meatballs and Hair dryers (that will transform into other hair care products)...

So when we last left off I was newly arrived and installed in my Hesinki apartment. I immediately started to hook up my computer so I could inform people I had arrived safely. I then proceeded to unpack (impressive for me) and make the bed, take a shower, etc. After a couple of hours I decided to head out in search of some dinner. I was physically tired but not sleepy really. I suppose I had gotten enough sleep on the various flights I took.

I went for a walk and ended up heading to the direction of the Kamppi Mall/Bus/Metro Station. The first store I saw was the a "professional" hair products store....the prices were certianly of that quality, though I don't know about the products. I ended up not getting the conditioner I needed because it was all too expensive. I did buy a small portable hair dryer (that I returned later).

I then wandered around a bit and found section of nicer than food court looking resturants....they were expensive -_-;...it's like you can't get a meal here for under 12 euro! I ended up going to a small fairly crowded looking italian place and order Mama's Meatballs and a cider. Both were delicious and out to me in under 10 minutes. I might have paid 17 euro (19 with tip since it was so fast I was generous), but it was delicious! Best spagetti and meatballs I've ever had really. I then went home and putzed around a bit more before heading to bed.

The next day I woke up, showered and headed out to the immigration office to get my residence permit put in my passport. I got to the right metro stop alright. Incidently their metro is a bit odd in that there are no people and nothing to stop you from entering on the metro without a ticket....the tickets for people without a card is just a reciept...no scanner or anything. After I got off I had to figure out how to get to the address. I spent about 10 minutes lost in what looked like an eastern european soviet block industrial nightmare. I finally found the street I wanted which was appreviated on the map (the appreviate after about the 10 letter otherwise it won't all fit) and got to where I needed to be. I had to hang out for an hour and wait for the guy who knew my situation. I got to see some interesting characters come in :). I then basically gave him my passport and was told to come back tomorrow to pick it up.

That done, I headed back to the apartment . On the way back I stopped to pick up some groceries at a small market by the metro stop. 17 euro later I had managed to buy the cheapest perpared sandwhich I could find (tuna) and some conditioner (finally) some bananas, a yogurt drink, bread, peanuts, cookies, a coke zero, a shopping bag, toilet paper and possibly something else I'm forgetting. Needless to say it wasn't cheap, but I needed some groceries.

I went back to the apt, had lunch and did some internet surfing and then decided to head to the school and check out the campus since I was planning on meeting up at the tram in front for a helsinki tram tour later that evening and I wasn't sure where it was. This turned out to be both a good idea and bad idea. I spent at least a good hour getting lost and thinking I was on the right street when names changed or numbering got wierd...and it was raining so the whole time I kept thinking...damn I need to buy an umbrella! Eventually I found it (it's so close to my apt it's crazy). I then had an hour and some I went back to the apt (the long way) and came across a gas station called ABC!Burger....I kid you not it was like a smaller sheetz. All of the sudden I was transported to the US, except for the Finnish speak of course. It even had that gas station type smell of stale donuts and linoleum with the ever present hum of multiple refrigeration untils working hard to keep your beverage of choice as cold as possible. I grabbed a water and a snickers and headed up to the register. The image was perfected when a foreigner came in for help with the gas pump and a Finnish girl switched to english easily with barely any accent detectable *face vault*.

After that wierd geographical warp I headed back to the apt to kill an hour until the tour. When I headed back out and found the tour in the nic of time it occured to me that this was the tour for the freshman finnish students and was therefore going to be in Finnish. Some young Finnish boys were nice enough to translate a bit. I didn't think about that since I had read about it on the english student union site. It wasn't a very good tour and the Finnish guys assured me that it was pretty bad in Finnish so I wasn't missing much. I did get to see some of the city I hadn't before though so that was nice.

At that point I was wiped so I came back to the apt and had a dinner of peanuts, yougurt and banana, read for a few hours and went to bed.

Next post will be about today and how the hell I'm not going to broke in this country?!?

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